What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer

How Hormone Balance Can Help Save Your Life

By John R. Lee, M.D.

David Zava, Ph. D.

Virginia Hopkins
ISBN 0446615404 or 978-0446615402 or 9780446615402


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The risk of breast cancer and how to reduce it

    Breast cancer is so prevalent in our modern society that it is frightening. The National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society say there has been a 40% increase from 1973 to 1998.  15% of all women’s cancer deaths are from breast cancer.  The U.S. and Canada have the highest rates of breast cancer worldwide.

    The authors state: "Your chance of surviving malignant breast cancer is just about the same as it was 50 years ago, when the only treatment was mastectomy: about one in three. In other words, despite billions of dollars in research and hugely expensive and risky treatments, the conventional medical approach to breast cancer isn't working, and talk of prevention is virtually nonexistent."

    While your doctor might say NOTHING CAN BE DONE to prevent breast cancer, all that means is he doesn’t know how.  Dr. Lee knows how.  Let him tell you in this ground-breaking book: What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Breast Cancer.  Find out how to reduce your risk of breast cancer, how to improve the outcomes if you do get it, and how to feel better and be healthier too!

ISBN 0446615404 or 978-0446615402 or 9780446615402

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