Books by Andrew Hall Cutler PhD PE

Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment

amalgam illness front cover

Amalgam Illness: Diagnsis and Treatment is the first book describing the Andy Cutler chelation (ACC) protocol. It was written right after Andy had finalized the details. Published in 1994, this book has never needed updating. All the science in it is still relevant.

This is a comprehensive book, not only describing the protocol, but also symptoms that indicate heavy metal toxicity, how mercury will affect your body and supplements to help control symptoms.

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Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities

hair test interpretation front cover

Hair Test Interpretation was Andy's second book. Andy was able to get some hair tests of patients along with diagnoses (with permission of course). Using these, he came up with a set of rules that indicate the statistical likelihood that you are toxic. These rules (known as the counting rules) let you read your hair test to identify the toxic substances you have.

In addition, this book acts as a set of case studies, describing the hair tests, the inital diagnosis, interventions taken and the final outcome.

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The Mercury Detoxification Manual: A Guide to Mercury Chelation

ai front cover

This is the third of Andy's books, cowritten with Rebecca Rust Lee. This book contains a concise description of the protocol along with the hair test counting rules and a lot more information. It's a good introduction to the protocol.

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