Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities

by Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE

(c) 2004, 2008, 2009 Andrew Hall Cutler

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Iron (Fe)

Hair iron is not a good measure of body burden. It does not correlate well with other measures of iron status such as ferritin, transferrin, red blood cell levels, etc..  The blood test for ferritin is the most accurate and useful guide for body levels of iron, though it may be unreliable in the presence of inflammatory disease conditions.  Measurements of serum iron or red blood cell iron are much less accurate reflections of body burden as they may be influenced by many factors.


Low hair iron is suggestive of lead exposure, but not a definitive sign of it.  Generally any reduction in body iron stores caused by heavy metal toxicity is NOT reflected in hair iron levels.


Some hair testing experts believe that certain cancers sometimes cause elevation of hair iron, though very high iron is not often due to cancer.  Also, hair iron is often normal in cancer patients.  Due to this weak correlation and the frightening nature of cancer I would suggest that vastly elevated hair iron (red range) in the presence of normal mineral transport suggests the merits of reasonable routine cancer screening that might be relevant to the person’s condition.  Very high iron levels with deranged mineral transport should not be considered suggestive of cancer.  People should not allow themselves to be frightened by the test result (or by an excited health care provider) but rather should consider this to be a factor such as smoking or occupational exposure to asbestos or certain chemicals that means such screening is a prudent part of routine medical care even though it is likely not to turn up anything.


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