What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Premenopause:
Balance Your Hormones and Your Life from Thirty to Fifty

John R. Lee MD, Jesse Handly, MD and Virginia Hopkins

Three Women, Different Lives...One Problem

Susan. At thirty-seven, married, and with a three-year-old son, she was about twenty pounds overweight, most of it in her stomach and hips. She complained of fatigue, heavy periods, and an inability to get pregnant again. An exam discovered a fibroid tumor on her uterus. Her doctor said she needed surgery...

Anne, A forty-four-year-old schoolteacher, she went to her doctor complaining of weight gain, depression, and headaches. The prescription hormones she was given made her depression worse and headaches intolerable. When her pap smear revealed cervical dysplasia, her doctor recommended a hysterectomy....

Marie. Thin, attractive, and always in motion, the thirty-nine-year-old attorney had night sweats, severe cramps in the middle of her menstrual cycle, and spotty bleeding throughout the month. A minor exploratory surgery uncovered cysts on her ovaries. Her doctor removed one ovary, and yet her symptoms are back....

These women were suffering from premenopause syndrome. Today they are symptom-free and healthy—without surgery or prescription hormones.

Find out how in....

What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Premenopause

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I'm too young for menopuase—so why do I feel like this?

You could be experiencing unexplained weight gain... fatigue... mood swings... loss of libido... fibroids... tender or lumpy breasts.... endometriosis... PMS... infertility... memory loss... migraines... very heavy or light periods... cold hands and feet... or a combination of these symptoms. You may have been told they’re “nothing,” or stress, or even menopause – and offered surgery, antidepressants or prescription hormones.

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  • Details on vaccines for hepatitis A and B, DPT, HIB, polio, MMR, chicken pox, pneumococcus, and many others
  • Research and safety track records for various shots
  • Precautions parents can take when their children get vaccinated, including the use of natural supplements and vitamins

Table of contents

  • Note from Dr. Lee
  • Note from Dr. Hanley
  • Part I: GETTING ACQUIANTED: Life Cycles and Hormone Cycles
    • Chapter 1: Premenopause as a Life Cycle
    • Chapter 2: The Importance of Hormone Balance
    • Chapter 3: The Estrogens: Angels of Life, Angels of Death
    • Chapter 4: Progesterone and Progestins: The Great Protector and the Great Impostors
    • Chapter 5: How We Got into Xenohormone Hell and How To Get Out
  • Part II: WHEN YOUR BODY TALKS, LISTEN: What's Causing Premenopause Syndrome Symptoms and How to Treat Them
    • Chapter 6: How (and Why) to Keep Your Uterus and Save Your Cervix
    • Chapter 7: Cycles, Follicles, and Ovaries
    • Chapter 8: PMS: And When She Was Good She Was Very, Very Good, and When She Was Bad She Was Horrid
    • Chapter 9: Tired Adrenals Equals a Tired Woman
    • Chapter 10: Other Premenopause Syndrome Symptoms and Solutions
    • Chapter 11: The Dangers of Hormonal Contraceptives
    • Chapter 12: The Relationship of Hormones to Breast Cancer and Other Women's Cancers
  • Part III: THE PREMENOPAUSE BALANCE PROGRAM: Practical Steps for Optimal Health
    • Chapter 13: Restoring and Maintaining Balance
    • Chapter 14: How Nutrition Affects Your Hormone Balance
    • Chapter 15: How Exercise Affects Your Hormone Balance
    • Chapter 16: How to Use Natural Progesterone
    • Chapter 17: How to Use Other Natural Hormones
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    • References
    • Bibliography
    • Index
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